Military, Police, and Fire Services Have A Need For Kiln-Dried Firewood Too

Military, police, and fire services may have a need for kiln-dried firewood, depending on their specific requirements and circumstances. Kiln-dried firewood is typically dried in a kiln to reduce its moisture content, which makes it easier to ignite and burn more efficiently than fresh or air-dried firewood. This can be an advantage in certain situations, such as during emergency response operations, where a quick and consistent source of heat is necessary.


For example, fire services may use kiln-dried firewood in their training exercises to simulate real-life scenarios, or during emergency response operations where traditional fuel sources are not available or reliable.  Similarly, Police and military forces may use kiln-dried firewood in training exercises that involve survival or outdoor skills such as:


  • Shelter Building: Building a shelter in the wilderness is an essential survival skill, and starting a fire is a critical component of that. Kiln-dried firewood can provide a reliable source of fuel for starting and maintaining a fire, which is necessary for warmth, cooking, and purifying water.


  • Field Rations: In some situations, military personnel may have limited access to ready-to-eat meals (MREs) and may need to rely on field rations. Starting a fire using kiln-dried firewood can be a valuable skill to cook food and provide warmth in cold weather conditions.


  • Outdoor Survival Training: Police and military personnel may undergo outdoor survival training, where they learn how to survive in harsh environments without modern amenities. Starting and maintaining a fire is an essential skill in such scenarios, and kiln-dried firewood can be a valuable tool to teach that skill.


  • Search and Rescue Operations: In some cases, search and rescue operations may take place in remote locations where traditional fuel sources are not available. Kiln-dried firewood can be transported to the location and used to start a fire for warmth and comfort.


  • Combat Training: Kiln-dried firewood can be used in combat training exercises that involve training in cold weather conditions, such as winter warfare. Starting a fire can provide warmth and comfort to troops in such conditions.


However, it’s worth noting that the specific requirements and regulations for firewood use can vary depending on the location, climate, and type of service. For example, some fire services may require specific types of firewood, or may prohibit the use of certain types of fuel altogether. It’s always best to check with the specific service or organization to determine their needs and requirements regarding firewood use.